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    5 Things to Include in a SEN (SEN) School Layout

    Special Educational Needs (SEN) School

    At Buju Architects, whilst designing special educational needs (SEN) schools there are certain design aspects we consider and include that may differ from other schools. We believe it is important to create a good, stimulating environment within a SEN school ensuring pupil enjoy everything their school has to offer.

    Here are 5 things to consider in a SEN school;

    • Hygiene Rooms – Hygiene rooms can be located next to classrooms. Like a typical bathroom, hygiene rooms are spaces used by students and caregivers on a regular basis, therefore should be convenient places around the building.
    • Sensory Rooms – We believe sensory rooms are vital whilst designing a good SEN school. Classrooms, bathrooms, play areas and gardens can all be designed to give sensory stimulation and experiences individuals with various learning and physical abilities. These rooms can play a fundamental role in developing skills like hand-eye coordination as well as develop their skills and enjoy stimulating educational experience.
    • Hoists and Equipment – We know that a hoist is certainly needed in a SEN school, as well as other various pieces of equipment. It is important to design classrooms and other rooms in the school equipped with hoists and other equipment which allows flexible transferable solutions covering as much area as possible, meaning that students can be moved practically anywhere in the room.
    • Wheelchair Stores – Wheelchair stores should also be included in SEN school designs. These are rooms designated for wheelchair and powerchair storage, so that class bases aren’t full of equipment that isn’t being used. These stores should be next to the classroom so that it is quick and easy for caregivers and other members of staff to get the student’s wheelchair or powerchair.
    • Hydrotherapy Pool – Similar to sensory rooms, Hydrotherapy pools are a great for any SEN school as they can create a simulative and creative learning experience for children with learning difficulties. These can be customised to have features like water jets, colour changing lights, whirlpools and music for enjoyment.

    If you would like further advice on SEN school and possible design approaches, then feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help!