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    5 Tips for Adding Value to Your Property


    An obvious first step to upgrading your home is to redecorate with some paint and low-cost maintenance such as dripping taps, squeaky floorboards or doors and lighting fixtures. A new front door can make a great first impression of a house, so make it welcoming.

    Extend the space

    Extending the space in your house by adding an extension, conservatory or a loft conversion. Extensions can be used for almost anything, a new kitchen, home office or bedrooms can add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers if you are looking to sell, or just give you more space in the future for growing families. If you can’t afford to add an extension and are looking to add value whilst selling your property, you can sell with planning permission for an extension.

    Add bathrooms or bedrooms

    Adding an extra bedroom can add up to 15% to the value of your home and a new bathroom can add up to 20% value. A small shower room or downstairs WC can sometimes be the most efficient method of adding value rather than a huge second family bathroom which could potentially take space from other essential rooms such as bedrooms. An effective way of adding a bedroom and bathroom is to create a loft conversion with a bedroom and en-suite.

    Energy Efficiency

    Efficient homes can provide lower operating costs as well as increasing the property value. Changing your traditional radiators for under floor heating can effectively distribute heat around the house as well as being 25% more efficient especially when paired with a heat pump. Although heat pumps can have a longer heating speed, they have much lower operating costs and CO2 emissions when compared to an electric or gas boiler. Double or triple glazed windows can better insulate your home, as well as keeping outdoor noises from affecting your home life, increasing property value. Any energy saving technologies that increase the properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) Rating can increase property value by 10 – 15%.

    Go open plan

    In recent years, it has become immensely popular to have open plan dining, living and kitchen spaces. This creates a large space to entertain friends and family or simply to just to spend more time with the people living in your home. Open plan kitchens can make the space feel grander, rather than being restricted to cooking and eating in a confined room. Home buyers are often looking for better usable spaces than a large number of rooms and can add up to 20% value to your property.

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