6-Stage Design Process

6-Stage Design Process


Every construction project follows the same 6 Stages.
Please see a summary below of the process and what you can expect from us at each stage.
More information about the RIBA Stages can be found here (https://www.architecture.com/knowledge-and-resources/resources-landing-page/riba-plan-of-work)

Buju Architects

RIBA Stage 1 - Preparation and Brief

  • Feasibility Meeting:
    • Discuss Project Objectives, Design Ideas and Costs.
    • Provide Strategic Advice and Relevant Contacts.
  • Review Surveys and Prepare Existing Site Drawings.
  • Complete Feasibility Study and Planning Consultation if required.

RIBA Stage 2 - Concept Design

  • Complete Site Analysis exploring Opportunities and Constraints.
  • Prepare concept Design Options and Precedent.
  • Define Big Ideas of project and approach to Sustainability.
  • Interactive Design Development with Client.
  • Submit Outline Planning Application if required.

RIBA Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination

  • Specifications, Coordination & Review of Building Regulations.
  • Preparation of Drawings, Documents and Planning Application.
  • Present to Client, update as required and submit.
  • A3 prints for Client with access to 3D BIM Model Viewer
  • Provide Visualisations and optional 3D Printed Model.

RIBA Stage 4 - Technical Design

  • Consultant Contacts & Design Team Meetings.
  • Architectural Design, Coordination and Specifications for Tender.
  • Presentations to Client and Updates as required.
  • Contractor Contacts and Recommendations.
  • Support and Advice through Tender Process.

RIBA Stage 5 - Manufacturing and Construction

  • Update Technical Design to Building Control Approval.
  • Pre-start Meeting with Contractor.
  • Regular Meetings on Site.
  • Responding to Design Queries.
  • Additional Details and Coordination.

RIBA Stage 6 - Handover

  • Assist with preparation of Building Manual.
  • Prepare and issue As-Built Drawings.
  • Attend Project Performance Session with Project Team.
  • Take Photos of Completed Project.
  • Client to provide Feedback & Testimonial.


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