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    Buju Architects

    We are a RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice specialising in Residential Development.

    We work for Homeowners and Property Developers, designing homes to inspire and enjoy. We provide the core architectural services required, leading the design team and coordination whilst exploring original and innovative solutions to each project.

    Working across the UK, we create personal and sustainable architecture, combining strong concepts, functional design and quality detailing to deliver progressive and sustainable legacies for our future.

    We are passionate about creating great architecture, about sharing knowledge and experience through the industry and about offering best value.


    PLACE – We believe in quality, collaborative and intelligent design, grounded in P.L.A.C.E; Planning | Landscape | Architecture | Conservation | Engineering. We seek to front-load design development and increase local public engagement.

    FORM – We believe in simple and elegant forms which respond to the brief and context of a site. We seek to stretch the imagination of clients and deliver interesting, innovative and creative designs.

    FUTURE – We create living architecture to build existing and future communities, to create better connections, to increase quality of life and make better places for people to live. We create architecture which is sustainable and looks great, using quality detailing to support longevity, laying the foundations for a low-carbon future, future heritage and legacy.

    SCALE – We are focused on designing for the human scale, for human interpretation, interaction and experience.




    Andy Wilde is an award-winning architect and the director of Buju Architects. Andy has a broad range of skills and experience, having worked across multiple sectors and countries before founding Buju Architects in 2014.

    With a clear vision for the practice, Andy is focused on developing a great team and changing the world one project at a time. Inspired by design and innovation, Andy is continually refining and challenging the business.



    After graduating from the University of Bolton with a degree in Architectural Technology, Chris joined the Buju Architects team in 2017. Working alongside a group of Architects, Chris is able to explore his passion for creativity while delivering his technical expertise.

    For Chris, Architectural Technology is the perfect combination of art, science and maths. It allows him to compliment design skills with technical know-how. Working at Buju Architects has given Chris the opportunity to use analytical thought process and problem-solving abilities to transform dreams into reality.



    Shueb is a driven and ambitious individual who graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters degree in Architecture. With a passion for design and an eye for detail, Shueb is eager to gain valuable experience as he works towards completing his Part 3 qualification and becoming a fully qualified architect.

    Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys staying active by playing football and exploring his creative side through his artwork. Whether he's on the field or in the studio, Shueb brings the same level of dedication and attention to detail that has served him well in his academic and professional endeavours.



    With over 35 years of experience as an architect, project manager and client, Jeff’s knowledge and skills can be brought to bear on the projects being delivered by the Practice. He works closely with clients in all aspects of the development process; identifying and balancing priorities to create and deliver designs aligned to the customer’s lifestyle ambitions whilst minimising the building’s impact on the environment.

    A significant proportion of Jeff’s work has been on the retrofitting, remodelling and regeneration of existing buildings, many of which have been listed. He is able to work in a contextual way that makes the most of an existing building’s character.



    Lisa brings over 20 years of experience in the property sector. She ran her own kitchen and stone business for 10 years before transitioning to the property development sector for an additional 8 years. Currently, Lisa is a Business Development and Operations consultant, assisting businesses like Buju in reaching their full potential.

    Lisa is passionate about helping others through her work, whether by collaborating with charities, connecting people, or empowering youth and those in need to find employment. She is committed to working exclusively with companies that prioritise sustainable principles and her passion is spending time outdoors.


    We offer complete architectural services (RIBA Stages 0-7) tailored to the needs of each project and client.

    Our Sectors:


    Personal architecture for private clients across the UK; from new-builds to home renovations and extensions.

    We take time to understand what’s important.


    Projects to enhance the quality of lives; from private residences and care homes to SEN schools.

    Designed to enable for the disabled.


    From masterplanning to interior fit-outs; retail to leisure, our Commercial Sector covers all our commercial projects.

    Integral design for community life.

    Our Values

    Design Quality

    Passion – pouring energy and enthusiasm into each design to achieve the best possible results every time.

    Creativity – thinking outside the box to find unique solutions to every challenge and using technology to leverage vision.

    Original Needs

    Diversity - applying our skills to create solutions that actualize the demands and comfort of our clientele.

    Empathy - gaining insight and connection on lifestyles and needs of others to develop designs that resonate with their requirements.

    Personal Development

    Adaptability - using our curiosity to drive our search for new knowledge, methodologies, and ideas that will enrich the quality and range of our designs.

    Initiative - growing beyond the comforts of personal boundaries to expand our vision, skills, and experience that adds greater value to the work we do.

    Design Leadership

    Innovation - leveraging the individual strengths of team members in bringing sustainable designs and projects to life.

    Collaboration - cultivating opportunities that give our teams a chance to learn, grow, and succeed.

    Customer Service

    Communication - enthusiastically engaging and actively listening to clients to realise a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

    Advocacy - providing channels through which honest feedback can be acquired and applied in optimizing designs for customer benefit.