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    Architects of Accessibility – Renovations & New-builds

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    Buju Architects specialises in incorporating the highest level of accessibility into projects by applying our knowledge and skillset to the renovation of existing buildings and to new build developments. We employ a qualified team of architects and technicians who have specific knowledge and expertise in accessible design.

    If you need a design for a new building or need to renovate an existing building which has an emphasis on accessibility, then we are here to help you.

    It is important that several features of your building properly considers accessibility, making the property easier to navigate, including for people with physical disabilities or impairments. You are also often required to have accessible features for people suffering from particular conditions. 

    The designers in our practice will meet with you and discuss the kinds of features that you may want to include, or have to include in your next renovation or new-build project. We will explore design opportunities and communicate design options and precedents as part of the process, awaiting your feedback and approval before evolving the design at each stage.

    Following the approval of a concept design, our architects continue to develop the details, proceeding with a planning application process if required and moving onto the technical design stage.

    During the construction stage we can manage the construction project and make sure the work is in accordance with the design that we’ve created.

    Once completed, your project can include the latest accessible accommodation and enhancements to ensure that you are comfortable in your own space, specially designed for you.

    Please get in touch to discuss your project and get a tailored quote for our services.