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    Bay View, Beaumaris

    A Visionary Home Design

    Perched on a vacant, sloping site overlooking the picturesque coast of Beaumaris, Anglesey, Bay View stands as an exemplary home design that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with sustainability. Nestled cleverly into the sloping landscape, this new-build home represents a testament to innovative architecture and thoughtful integration with its natural surroundings.

    CGI of new home.

    Bay View, Beaumaris

    Meeting Challenges with Creative Solutions

    The main challenge of the project was to meet the client’s brief while ensuring the design harmonised with the neighbouring buildings. Through on-site discussions, we developed a concept where the lower ground floor was integrated into the landscape, with a main entrance at the middle level. A double-gable design with steeply pitched roofs kept the eaves low and responded sensitively to the context.

    Maximising Views and Functionality

    The main concept of the house revolves around maximising views of the bay with expansive glass and a large balcony on the front façade. The top floor hosts spacious open-plan living areas that seamlessly connect with the outdoor balcony. Despite the lower-ground floor being predominantly below ground, it accommodates a vehicular entrance, garage, utility space, plant room, media room and gym, ensuring both functionality and comfort.

    CGI of new home.

    Rear Elevation, Bay View, Beaumaris

    Sustainability at the Forefront

    Sustainability is integral to the design, with careful consideration given to insulation, air-tightness and the implementation of a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system. Natural materials ground the building on site, fostering a connection with the surrounding landscape and forest. The rear of the house maintains a simple, fuss-free aesthetic, enhancing its integration with nature.

    Project Progression and Future Endeavours

    Buju Architects have completed RIBA Stages 1-3 of the design process and eagerly anticipate securing planning approval to progress to the technical design stage (RIBA Stage 4). Our collaborative approach involves coordinating with consultants, including landscape architects and structural engineers, to ensure comprehensive planning documentation. With the design approved, we are committed to advancing the project through its stages and welcome enquiries for future projects.