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    3D BIM

    What is 3D BIM?

    3D BIM, or Building Information Modelling, revolutionises the way construction projects are designed and executed. It involves creating a detailed 3D digital representation of a building or structure, integrating information about its physical and functional characteristics. This technology enables comprehensive visualisation, collaboration, and coordination throughout the project lifecycle.


    Why is 3D BIM so Valuable?

    The value of 3D BIM lies in its ability to provide accurate and detailed insights into a project. By utilising a 3D computer model, you gain a visual representation that transcends traditional 2D drawings. This enhanced visual clarity aids in understanding the design and identifying potential challenges early on. Furthermore, the coordination of technical aspects becomes significantly more efficient, reducing errors and conflicts during construction.


    How Buju Architects use 3D BIM Technology

    At Buju Architects, we are committed to harnessing the power of 3D BIM technology to enhance our design process and provide exceptional results for our clients.


    1) Survey and Procurement

    Our journey with 3D BIM starts with precision. We collaborate with surveying companies that utilise the same 3D BIM software we use; Autodesk Revit. This synergy ensures that the measured surveys seamlessly integrate into our project model, enhancing both efficiency and accuracy.


    2) Concept Development and Review

    Our 3D BIM journey continues with concept development. We present you with 3D concept designs that offer a holistic view of your project. These designs are not just static visuals; they can include interactive 3D model viewers and even photorealistic computer-generated images (CGIs). These tools enable you to immerse yourself in the design, making informed decisions and adaptations.


    3) Council Engagement

    When it comes to planning applications, 3D BIM becomes a powerful tool for communication. We share 3D views with the council, offering a clear understanding of the proposed project. This facilitates more effective communication and can aid in gaining planning permission.


    4) Collaboration and Refinement

    After obtaining planning permission, our collaborative approach extends to other consultants, such as structural engineers. Through shared 3D BIM models, we ensure seamless coordination among various project stakeholders. Throughout the project's lifecycle, the 3D building model is continuously updated and refined, providing you and your project team with the latest design information.



    Exploring 3D BIM with Us

    Embark on a journey into the world of 3D BIM with Buju Architects. Through comprehensive visualisation, seamless collaboration and meticulous coordination, we craft a profound understanding of your project's potential. Connect with us today to initiate a conversation about your project / 0161 474 6860