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    Biophilic Design – At home and at work

    Biophilic Design in Architecture

    Imagine knowing if you were to wake up in a certain room that you’re 10% more likely to be in a better mood? Biophilic Design is the key!

    Biophilic Design is a very interesting subject as it can influence how we feel and how efficient we are.

    Store interior designers have been battling with this prospect for years considering how much mood can have an effect on buying decisions. But if you we were to integrate this practice into home and work life would this be beneficial? We think it certainly would be. So what can we all be doing more of? This is a simple list of how to improve Biophilic design within your office and home:

    • Access to natural light and views of the outside matters: Natural light and views of the outdoors have a major impact on employee wellbeing, productivity and energy levels.
    • Utilise available outside areas: If your company is fortunate enough to have an outdoor space (roof, balconies, garden etc..) use it properly. Add some comfortable seating and tables so staff can work outdoors when the weather permits as this access to natural light and fresh air has numerous benefits including increased productivity, creativity and wellbeing.
    • Embrace colour: Colour can have an impact on staff wellbeing with numerous reports finding that dull colours can have a detrimental effect, while a study from France found that bright orange had a positive impact, while in Denmark, shades of blue worked best.
    • Incorporate natural features like wood and stone: Including these natural features and textures can help to mimic the outdoors and really does follow the ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’ mantra.
    • Include plantlife in the workplace: Perhaps one of the simplest and most obvious solutions, but including plantlife in the workplace can increase oxygen levels and subsequently improve concentration levels and decrease mental fatigue.
    • Give staff space, and choice: Choice really is key. If staff want to concentrate, give them a quiet space to do so. If staff need to collaborate, give them a comfortable setting to do so, and make sure you provide enough space so it doesn’t feel overly cramped or stuffy.


    Biophilic design in Architecture
    Biophilic design in Architecture