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Case Study: Compstall Road

Buju Architects have recently achieved planning permission for two new three-storey dwellings after working closely with the Local Authority. Situated onCompstall Road in Stockport, these beautiful examples of contemporary architecture have an exterior to impress and a spacious interior, perfect for families.
The plot was separated to provide two, detached 5-bed dwellings with ancillary car parking, open space and a new access from Compstall Road. We have enjoyed guiding our client from the initial concept stage and through planning. We are now currently working on the technical design with the design team.
The restrictions of the site led us to work creatively and helped to enhance the overall design. The design of the building and landscaping has been directly influenced by the levels of the site. As a result, the levels of the buildings have been cautiously considered including; a step down to a spacious, open-plan kitchen/dining area that leads into the garden to respond to the site levels.
The design and massing of the homes have also been carefully considered for the impact they will have on the neighbouring buildings. The houses have been carefully cited to respect views from neighbouring properties. The form of the buildings maximises daylight and views onto the valley, whist offering shallow footprints for natural light. Dramatic glazed gables are featured alongside the expansive aluminium windows in the design, meaning the vaulted master-bedrooms are filled with plenty of natural light. The result is an inspiring space, featuring plenty of glazing and a contemporary aesthetic.
We have elements of modern design by incorporating zinc roofs that cantilever to create stunning shaded areas for the entrances.
We have balanced this with a mix of natural colours which won’t detract from the beauty of the landscape and will complement its surroundings. The mixture of glazing, cedar cladding and brick is widely used in the neighbouring properties, making the buildings sit comfortably within its context.
Sustainability is at the heat of the design, with an EPC A-rated classification, low energy bills and low CO2emissions. These energy-efficient homes will have a highly insulated timber frame construction, airtight build, heat recovery, air-source heat pumps and a solar PV system.
We thoroughly enjoyed coming up with innovative design ideas to solve the challenges presented by the site. If you have a challenging piece of land or would like to discuss ideas for your future home, drop us a message. We would be happy to help!
Client Testimonial:
“We chose Buju Architects because after talking to the team, it was clear they are an innovative and dynamic company, with a good track record of developing creative and individualistic buildings of the style we envisaged for our project. BujuArchitects listened to our aspirations for the site and came back with proposals that matched our vision. Buju Architects are great partners, who have forward-thinking and exciting design ideas.”


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