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    Design for Education

    Designing learning environments presents challenges and opportunities at every scale, from Free School budgets and baseline designs to learn-labs and virtual teaching. Now more than ever prospective students also seek a higher quality of environment as they decide where to go in this competitive market.

    At Buju Architects we bring our experience to deliver quality buildings which are innovative, inspiring and sustainable. We explore the history and character behind projects to develop a design and future which is carefully considered, functional and well-grounded.

    Our experience spans across Schools, Colleges and Universities and is supported by our skills and understanding of urban design, master planning and infrastructure. We also integrate our specialist knowledge of designing for SEN & ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) to create inclusive and empowering environments for everyone.


    From private schools, to state-funded schools and academies, cost-effective designs can objectively use the EFA Baseline framework to maximise efficiency and standardisation. By working closely with stakeholders and contractors key elements of specific interest or importance can be identified which integrate design features which personalise and symbolise projects.

    Colleges | Further Education

    Within this increasingly complex typology the objective is to enhance learning environments using flexible and appealing teaching spaces. By carefully integrating estate strategies and student movement, layouts can be manipulated to generate a pragmatic relationship of spaces, responding to the brief and context.

    Universities | Higher Education

    Focusing on student experience, university projects offer great opportunities to promote, engage and inspire. Extension and renovation projects can achieve a range of adaptable environments from small self-teaching booths to group discussion spaces, large-format studios and spacious social spaces.