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    Expert Witness Reports

    Our team has a broad range of experience to provide expert witness services to clients and the legal profession.

    Our expert architects act as independent expert advisors or expert witnesses to help avoid or resolve disputes. We provide fully independent, impartial and reliable advice, based on a thorough and careful analysis of all available evidence. We are ideally positioned to provide you with the right expertise and experience to address specific needs and sensitive issues.

    Andy Wilde, Director of Buju Architects and member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, is experienced in the commercial, retail, residential and educational sectors. He has completed a wide range of projects including remodelling of accessible homes. Throughout his career, he has developed a particular interest and expertise in accommodation for people with special needs, such as wheelchair users as well as those who require nursing or carer assistance.

    At Buju Architects, we understand the importance of balancing the varying needs of the injured occupant with those of the caregiver.

    Reports for disability accommodation  

    As Expert Witnesses, we prepare reports in respect of the accommodation needs of people who have suffered injury or trauma and who are seeking compensation. When you appoint us in the earliest pre-action stages, you will receive advice that can help assess the risks in taking the case forward. We can arrange visiting claimants in their homes, assessing their current and future housing needs together with the adaptations needed to make their current or future home fully accessible.

    With our experience in designing for those with disability, we have completed numerous private home conversions, as well as new-build properties for people with learning and physical difficulties.

    As disputes develop, we can provide high-quality expert witness advice and reports tailored to your specific case. This ensures that the issues are focused and relevant for a more effective and successful resolution of the dispute.

    Search for alternative & suitable properties

    We believe that understanding the individual’s disability requirements from an accommodation perspective is key to providing a home tailored to the Client’s specific needs. Therefore, we find that it is often necessary to research alternative accommodation and we work closely with the claimant, their carers and occupational therapists to ensure that the appropriate environment is provided.

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