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    What does a Quantity Surveyor (QS) do?

    Please see a summary below of how a QS can assist with your project.

    • RIBA Stages 1-3 - Provide high-level cost advice (if required)
    • RIBA Stage 4 - Provide a Pre-Tender Estimate which includes a fully quantified and priced Bill of Quantities.
    • RIBA Stage 4 - Managing the Tender Process.
      • Collate all documents (including pricing schedule, all drawings & client requirements) and issue to the approved tender list with timescales.
      • Manage any queries from the tender process.
      • Ensure tenders are returned on time.
      • Provide a tender analysis and report, present to the Client and provide recommendations for a Principal Contractor.
      • Arrange a Pre-Contract Meeting with Preferred Contractor to discuss logistics, programme and construction process.
      • Prepare Contract Documents (including Payment Schedule) for signing by all parties.
    • RIBA Stages 5-6 - Provide advice on costs (variations etc) if required.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.
    At Buju Architects we often recommend working with a QS for your project.