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    Feasibility Meeting

    Learn What’s Possible.

    Book a Feasibility Meeting at the start of your project.

    At a Feasibility Meeting we discuss your objectives, the local context (inc. planning observations) and your budget.
    We then provide strategic advice, initial design ideas and relevant contacts to help define the project scope and brief.
    Following the meeting we will get back to you with a tailored quote for Architectural Services, explaining what you can expect at each stage.

    Usually, these meetings take about 60 > 90 mins depending on the project size and complexity.

    Our Costs:

    • At our Office Locations or Online: FREE
    • On-site, from: £75 + VAT (subject to site location)

    Once a Feasibility Meeting is completed you should be more informed about how to move your project forward.

    A great design needs to achieve the project brief and budget while respecting the local context. It should be functional, interesting and environmentally friendly, whilst maximising the opportunities and constraints on site. Legislation such as Planning and Building Regulations also define strategy and design parameters. 

    Please contact us to discuss your project.

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    Feasibility Meeting Costs

    Buju Architects – 2022

    < 10 Miles £75 (+ VAT)
    10 – 20 Miles£105 (+ VAT)
    20 – 40 Miles£135 (+ VAT)
    40 – 60 Miles£165 (+ VAT)
    60 – 90 Miles£225 (+ VAT)
    90 – 120 Miles£285 (+ VAT)
    120 – 160 Miles£325 (+ VAT)
    > 160 MilesTBC

    Costs based on distance from office location to project site.

    Office Locations: Stockport / Anglesey