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    Garden View, Marple Bridge

    Tradition Meets Innovation

    Nestled in the charming neighbourhood of Marple Bridge, Stockport, Garden View is a new-build family home that seamlessly blends traditional aesthetics with contemporary environmental design. Situated on a picturesque road adorned with traditional homes, this project pays homage to its surroundings while embracing modern sustainability practices.


    CGI of new home.

    Front Elevation, Garden View, Marple Bridge

    Aesthetic Sensitivity and Environmental Consciousness

    With a traditional appearance at the front elevation and a more contemporary design at the rear, Garden View strikes a delicate balance between respecting its context and embracing innovation. The house features low eaves and rooms within the roof space, maintaining a traditional charm while incorporating cutting-edge environmental technologies such as highly insulated building fabric, air-tight membranes in the walls, and Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems.

    Local Expertise and Commitment to Excellence

    As a local architectural practice, Buju Architects has been intimately involved in every stage of the project, from initial client meetings on-site to presenting the design at the Planning Committee and coordinating all aspects of the technical design for construction. Garden View exemplifies Buju Architects’ dedication to creating visually striking architecture that excels both functionally and environmentally.

    Meeting Design Challenges with Innovation

    The primary challenge of the project was to develop a sensitive design that harmonised with the surrounding context while maximising the potential of the sloping site. Through extensive consultations with neighbours and feedback from the planning authority, Buju Architects explored various building designs and positions, ultimately achieving a supported design – with a minimised impact on the neighbours.

    CGI of new home.

    Rear Elevation, Garden View, Marple Bridge

    Conceptualising a Forever Home

    At the heart of the project was the concept of creating a forever home for a family that prioritised energy efficiency and practicality. The design features a spacious open-plan living area at the rear, seamlessly connecting with the garden. Steep roof pitches and vaulted ceilings ensure that the first-floor bedrooms feel light and airy, enhancing the overall sense of space and comfort.

    Sustainable Solutions for the Future

    Sustainability has been a central focus from the project’s inception, with features such as an air-source heat pump, solar panels, and a large central roof light (for stack ventilation and summer cooling) contributing to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. Charging points for electric cars further enhance the home’s eco-friendly credentials.

    CGI of new home.

    Garden View, Marple Bridge

    A Testament to Vision and Collaboration

    Buju Architects has led the design process through the RIBA stages, collaborating closely with engineers, quantity surveyors and contractors to bring the vision of Garden View to life. With the project currently on-site, Buju Architects looks forward to its completion, confident in its positive impact on the area and the creation of a home that the client can cherish for years to come.

    Build Your Dream Home

    If you’re considering building your own dream home, contact Buju Architects to arrange a Feasibility Meeting and let’s embark on the journey to creating your perfect sanctuary.