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    Garsdale Signal Box

    Restoration of a Grade II listed signal box in Garsdale, Cumbria.

    Check out the 3D render embedded at the bottom of this post!

    Buju Architects was enlisted to help restore this Grade II listed signal box to its original condition. Listed for its infamous history and unique fittings, it remains a fine example of the Type 4c signal box, denoted by its lapped timber boarding and horizontal sash windows.

    Located on a steep bank, this tired signal box was in need of external restoration and internal refurbishment. The timber elements had begun to deteriorate and required replacement. The staircase, window cleaning balcony and sash windows are also to be replaced. Garsdale signal box recently underwent major structural underpinning and is now ready for the next stage of its revival.  

    We worked hard to identify high grade materials that can withstand high exposure to the elements whilst maintaining the authenticity of the original architecture. Working with Wilde Consulting Engineers and Network Rail, we designed and produced coordinated drawings to help execute the works.

    Following a meeting with the conservation officer, Accoya was identified as a key material in giving this signal box a new lease of life. It was employed due to its robustness and ability to withstand the adverse weather conditions in that location. We also identified key features of the original design that were to be reinstated, after being lost in the last refurbishment.

    As part of the work, we are also updating the internal finishes and kitchen stations of the signal box. Care has been taken not to disturb any of the signalling equipment while providing the operator with more comfort.

    We are very much looking forward to seeing the end result of this refurbishment and are excited to be a part of keeping our heritage alive.

    Watch this space for further updates and if you have a project in mind requiring heritage works, do not hesitate to contact us!