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    Hendrix House, Stockport

    Redefining Urban Living

    The Hendrix House project marks a significant milestone for Buju Architects, with the redevelopment of a commercial site in Stockport into a vibrant residential community. Comprising 33 highly sustainable apartments to Passive House standards, this project epitomises our commitment to innovation and environmental design.

    Visualisation of new apartments.

    View from carpark

    Local Engagement and Sensitivity

    Located in close proximity to our office in Stockport, the site holds special significance for us as a local architectural practice. Recognising the importance of the area’s heritage, conservation status and listed buildings, we approached this project with utmost sensitivity and care.

    Addressing Challenges with Innovative Solutions

    The site presented unique challenges, including an extreme level change, surrounding buildings of varying scales and an important history. In response to these challenges and opportunities, we procured a detailed 3D survey to understand the context of the geometry thoroughly. Collaborating with a planning consultant and engaging in pre-application discussions with the council allowed us to understand the history of the site and influence our design proposals to align with regulatory requirements and preferences – prior to submitting an application for approval.

    Masterplan of new apartments.

    Hendrix House Masterplan

    Design Concept: Blending Tradition with Innovation

    Our latest design concept divides the project into two buildings, harmonising with the local character and site constraints. Improving the existing access and car park location minimised the impact on neighbouring buildings.

    The larger building features a roof garden, providing shared amenity space for residents to enjoy. Paying homage to the area’s history and materials, our architectural style seamlessly integrates contemporary elements, setting a new standard for sustainable development.

    Setting the Standard for Sustainable Living

    Buju Architects is committed to setting the standard for sustainable residential development, exemplified by our director’s recent qualification as a Passive House Designer. We are dedicated to ensuring that Hendrix House becomes a beacon of sustainability and architectural excellence in the community.

    Positive Impact on the Local Community

    The Hendrix House project promises to revitalise the local area, enhancing both its utilisation and aesthetic appeal while honouring its heritage. We look forward to presenting our latest design to the council and continuing our journey towards creating a vibrant, sustainable urban living environment in Stockport.