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    Hendrix House

    We are thrilled to present our visionary proposal for new residential apartments on Waterloo Road, nestled within the conservation area of Stockport. Our design harmoniously responds to the existing neighbouring buildings with an aim to elevate and enrich the local surroundings.

    The existing site, with its sloping green bank and two-story buildings, presents an incredible opportunity for redevelopment. The current structures will be demolished to create 46 stunning apartments.

    By carefully considering the massing and scale, we have ensured that our development seamlessly integrates into the existing fabric of Waterloo Road. The goal is to create a cohesive streetscape that respects the historical context while offering a fresh and contemporary vision for urban living.

    The addition of thoughtfully planned commercial spaces will further enrich the area, fostering economic growth and enhancing the convenience and accessibility of daily life for both residents and locals.

    Recognising the importance of green spaces in fostering a thriving community, our proposal includes a strong emphasis on enhancing the natural environment. We aim to improve the overall green space within and around the development, creating pockets of tranquillity for residents and the wider neighbourhood to enjoy.

    We have carefully considered communal spaces, such as rooftop gardens and shared facilities, to foster social connections among residents.

    We look forward to seeing this project progress further.

    Click here to download: Case Study – Hendrix House