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    High Street, Rhosneigr

    An Architectural Transformation

    Located in the heart of Rhosneigr village on Anglesey, this High Street project involves the renovation and extension of an existing building, converting it into two spacious holiday rentals. This development is a significant positive transformation for the village, contributing to Rhosneigr’s tourism economy by providing high-quality accommodation with ample parking, all within close proximity to the beach.

    CGI of Development

    High Street Elevation, Rhosneigr

    Challenges and Solutions

    The primary challenge of the project was to reimagine the existing commercial floor plans at ground level and maximise value for the site. Buju Architects approached this challenge by creating expansive open-plan living areas on the ground floor and by making the most of the existing building, minimising additional development costs.

    Design Concept and Process

    Our design concept revolves around creating two premium holiday homes, inviting families and friends to enjoy the charm of Rhosneigr village and its picturesque surroundings. The generous open-plan spaces serve as vibrant social hubs, complemented by comfortable bedrooms, en-suites and additional features such as a sauna, jacuzzi, and terrace. The architectural style is simple, to harmonise with the local vernacular – with white render accented by timber-effect cladding and recycled sea-glass, paying homage to the coastal setting.

    CGI of Development

    Rear Elevation and Terrace Areas

    Architectural Service

    Buju Architects provided a comprehensive architectural service, including the exploration of various concept designs, preparation of drawings to secure full planning permission, coordination with engineers and creation of technical drawings for construction. Currently, we are in the process of finding a contractor for the project and eagerly anticipate its progression.

    Sustainability Focus

    In addition to its aesthetic appeal, sustainability is a key focus of the project. Buju Architects incorporated extra insulation and high-performance components to achieve a very sustainable renovation and extension. Furthermore, by repurposing the existing building instead of demolition, we significantly reduced the project’s embodied carbon footprint.

    CGI of Development

    High Street, Rhosneigr

    This High Street project exemplifies Buju Architects’ commitment to innovative design, sustainability and quality craftsmanship. Contact us today to discuss your next architectural venture.