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    Kinder View, Marple

    A Sustainable Retreat by the Canal

    Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Marple, Stockport, Kinder View is an environmentally-friendly new-build dormer bungalow, thoughtfully designed with a focus on nature and materiality. Situated adjacent to the canal, this re-build home replaces a bungalow on the site, aiming to create a lifetime sanctuary for its residents while minimising its environmental impact.

    CGI of new home.

    Front Elevation, Kinder View, Marple

    Commitment to Sustainability

    From the outset, our clients prioritised creating a very environmentally-friendly home with low embodied carbon. To achieve this, it was decided early on that the house would be timber-framed, significantly reducing its environmental footprint. At Buju Architects, we relish the opportunity to work on new-build homes for private clients, especially when environmental design is a top priority.

    Harmonious Design in a Sensitive Area

    Designing a replacement home in a sensitive area presented its challenges. Our aim was to ensure that the architecture of the home reflected the geometry and materiality of the context, while incorporating contemporary design features and benefits of modern living. A landscape architect, planning advisor and engineers were consulted to help prepare a comprehensive planning application that received unanimous support from the Local Planning Committee.

    CGI of new home.

    Rear Elevation, Kinder View, Marple

    Blending with the Landscape

    Kinder View is meticulously designed to harmonise with its surroundings, respecting neighbouring buildings and the local environment. Low roof eaves levels and natural materials contribute to its sensitive design and massing. The main bedrooms are strategically located in the roof space to maximise the building’s volume and take full advantage of the picturesque views of the canal basin and Kinder Mountain.

    Craftsmanship and Materiality

    The facade features quality materials throughout, with carpentry-designed Oak frames adding character to the entrance, carport and rear patio. A large feature window in the lounge offers a captivating view of the canal basin and Kinder Mountain, enhancing the connection with nature.

    CGI of new home.

    Bedroom CGI, Kinder View, Marple

    Towards Realisation

    Buju Architects has successfully completed RIBA Stages 1-4 of the project, including the concept design development, obtaining planning approval and coordinating the technical design for construction. We look forward to commencing on-site this year (RIBA Stage 5), bringing the vision of Kinder View to life.

    Build Your Dream Home

    If you’re considering building your own home, leveraging an existing low-value building for re-development is an excellent strategy. Contact us to arrange a Feasibility Meeting for your next project – let’s turn your dream home into a reality!