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    Larkhill, Marple Bridge

    A Modern New-Build within Green Belt

    Nestled within the Green Belt in Marple Bridge, Stockport, Larkhill stands as an exemplary home of modern architecture, tailored to the client’s brief and site constraints. This replacement home and leisure building epitomises innovative design and meticulous planning, achieving full planning approval within a rural landscape of stunning beauty.

    CGI of new home.

    Front Elevation, Larkhill.

    Capturing Countryside Views

    Situated on a sloping site, Larkhill offers panoramic views of the picturesque surrounding countryside. A key feature of the home is its upstairs living space, complete with a large south-facing balcony, offering residents a wonderful connection to the natural landscape.

    Navigating Planning Restrictions

    The project faced significant planning restrictions within the Green Belt, expertly navigated through a comprehensive planning strategy developed in collaboration with a planning consultant. Multiple applications of Permitted Development were supported before completing a design and Full Planning Application for the new-build replacement dwelling. The architectural design, characterised by its modern and dramatic aesthetic, received unanimous approval at the local planning committee meeting, thanks to its high-quality design and adherence to volume restrictions.

    CGI of new home.

    Entrance Features, Larkhill.

    Sustainable Design and Integration

    Principles of Passive House Design are seamlessly integrated into the architecture, with a focus on simplicity, energy efficiency and natural ventilation. The leisure building, cutting into the topography with retaining walls, features a single-story design with a green roof, blending harmoniously with the landscape. Natural materials are utilised throughout, grounding the building in its surroundings.

    Luxurious Amenities and Functional Spaces

    The leisure building encompasses a 4-car garage, gym and swimming pool. In the house, the upstairs boasts a feature atrium with a spiral staircase, a home cinema room and ample living areas oriented towards the south for optimal sunlight and views.

    CGI of new home.

    Side Garden and Leisure Building, Larkhill.

    Project Progression and Future Endeavours

    The design process began with on-site discussions to refine the brief and develop initial strategies. Concept designs were refined and approved, leading to planning submission and the progression to Technical Design (RIBA Stage 4). Buju Architects eagerly anticipates advancing the project on-site, with the Local Planning Committee expressing anticipation for its completion as an architectural landmark in the area.

    Your Dream Home Awaits

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