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    Lifetime Design

    It can be hard to get around in the physical world for those with different abilities: curbs, thresholds, stairs, sidewalks, narrows passages and the list goes on. At Buju Architects, we aim to design with consideration and care. We can provide a lifetime design for your home.

    Lifetime Design. As we get older, our needs change. The family may grow over the years. Or there may be a need for a little more help with mobility in and around the house.

    We want your home to be comfortable and well designed to suit whatever needs you may have; therefore, in your lifetime, a home may need to be adapted or extended. A lifetime design may include; ground floor accommodation, stair lifts or through floor lifts to access upper floors; level access to a walk-in shower or wet room; level access to the front door; sufficient room to move around in a wheelchair.

    Access to buildings

    • Provide parking that makes getting into and out of the vehicle as convenient as possible for the widest range of people (including those with reduced mobility and/or those with children).
    • Routes of travel across grass or paved areas.
    • At changes in level and to slopes steeper than should be highlighted (this can be achieved by the use of colour and texture).

    Through-floor lift

    • The design within a dwelling of two or more storeys can incorporate a suitable identified space for a through–floor lift from entrance level to a storey containing main bedroom and a bathroom.

    Wide Hallways and Doorways

    • Enable convenient movement by using extra wide hallways and doorways. These can not only be practical but also make great design features for a well-lit room. The minimum width of any hallway/landing in a dwelling is 900mm.

    Bathrooms and Walk-in showers

    • For those with movement difficulties or want to consider lifetime design, walk-in showers also known as wet rooms are great alternatives as well as being aesthetically stylish. The floor is gently sloped into a sub-floor drain to form a shower tray. If needed later, a seat can easily be added for more further comfort.
    • Walls in all bathrooms and WC compartments should be capable of firm fixing and support for adaptations such as grab rails. This allows potentials for simple adaptations to provide for different needs in the future.

    There are various other ways to improve accessibility by incorporating lifetime design depending on your style and need which we will be happy to discuss.