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The last couple of years have seen Buju Architects go from strength to strength during arguably one of the most challenging periods in a generation. Our success has meant that we now have two new vacancies available. We are currently searching for a fully qualified architect in Edinburgh and an experienced architectural technologist in Edinburgh. 

If this sounds like the right post for you and you wish to apply, please email your current CV to If you would like more information, you can call us on 0161 4746 860. Successful applicants must display an aptitude for industry-based success, be driven and be willing to work as part of a motivated and innovative team.

About Buju Architects

Our main office is in the North West of England, conveniently placed for accessing other areas of the country. We are a RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice and have undertaken a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. 

We are immensely proud of where we live and work, believing that, where possible, we should give something back to the local community. Over the years, we have cultivated strong working relationships with local councils, using our knowledge and skill to assist with their redevelopment projects.

Our work has taken us across the UK and worldwide, but we always focus on our strengths; as such, we concentrate on the following areas:

  • Designing bespoke homes for private clients
  • Inclusive design, involving the design and redesign of specialist care facilities for the disabled
  • Commercial residential projects

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for our available positions as a fully qualified architect in Edinburgh or an experienced architectural technologist in Edinburgh, please forward your CV to

Architectural and lead designer services are at the core of what we do at Buju Architects. We work with our clients to develop and evolve innovative design solutions that are personal, purpose-driven and resonate with the environment around them. Our passionate approach to work has led us to project locations all over the UK from our base in Stockport.

Through our architectural services, we produce creative designs and deliver real-world structures to our client's aspirations. We start the process with an initial consultation and feasibility meeting from which we can gather the information we need to advice on design ideas, strategy and relevant contacts.

Our extensive experience has repeatedly brought us back to Stockport and its neighbouring districts where we have developed a good working relationship with the local councils. Our team has extensive experience in planning requirements for both private homes and commercial developments.

We provide our clients with clear guidance on the requirements needed to acquire planning and building approval for projects of various sizes and complexities. We work closely with contractors and other consultants to ensure full compliance with building regulations prior to starting on site.

At Buju Architects we love to develop architectural designs which are sympathetic, balanced and inspiring. It is even more important to pay tribute to the environment when the context is a beautiful setting surrounded by nature and views often found on Anglesey. 

Through our architectural services, we seek to provide a streamlined design process which is stress-free and efficient in realising the goals of our clients. Our team has vast experience delivering projects on Anglesey and has developed good working relations with the local council. We are well-versed in the requirements that must be met for planning permission and building control and duly advise our clients on the procedures and details that must be met to realise their projects.

Our architectural services are categorised in our 6-Step Design Process; from confirming your brief and preparing concept designs to the final handover of your project. Along the way, we will guide you through the stages and bring clarity on all the tasks that will be undertaken during the project, including the costs involved and the key role our team plays in design management and coordination.

As part of our service we undertake Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our 3D Models allow you to visualise a project during the design stages and allow us to efficiently coordinate the technical design with consultants and suppliers. We have found that the use of such technology assists in overcoming design challenges and helps bring common understanding to the specifications of the project for all stakeholders.

Our architectural design services take our clients through a bespoke 6-Step Design Process that includes preparation and briefing, the conceptualization of designs, spatial coordination, technical design work, manufacturing and construction.

All the work is overseen through our architectural team who provide professional guidance, advice and collaboration throughout the design and construction stages. We know that clear communication is needed to ensure that all stakeholders share a common understanding of how the project goals will be achieved.

Our services are calculated to ensure you are provided with quality outcomes in sustainability, functionality and progressive design. We can also provide a hands-on service during construction, hosting meetings and site visits to ensure work progresses as planned.

At the end of each project, we can provide our clients with home user guides or building manuals. These packs contain As-built drawings and detail on how to operate and maintain the buildings.

We offer our services for projects of all scales and welcome the opportunity to discuss your next home or commercial development. You can visit our office in Stockport for a free consultation or call to arrange for a zoom meeting on 0161 474 6860.

Our architectural services ensure there is professional guidance over the course of an appointment and our team are accessible to clients whenever there is a need for communication and clarification concerning any aspect of the project.

The architectural designs we develop for our clients combine strong concepts of innovation, functionality and sustainability. Through every stage of development and construction, we encourage the participation of our clients so they have a good understanding of benefits and outcomes. Upon completion of the project, we can deliver a home user guide and As-built drawings that provide complete instructions on how they can operate and maintain their property.

We offer a scalable service that can cater to the demands of designing and constructing single homes to commercial developments. We invite you to meet at our office in Anglesey to discuss your project needs. Feel free to get in touch with our team on 0161 474 6860 to arrange a meeting, either using Zoom or in person.

 by Anonymous on Buju Architects

"To have somebody understand when you talk about the way you currently live and the way you see yourself living is important"

“We organised a consultation, It was clear very quickly that Andy has an ‘eye’. Young and enthusiastic he quickly understood where we were coming from. He was asking all the right questions. He took the time to slowly and precisely look around the plot. I could almost hear the cogs whirring in his head, I knew instantly that he was the right person”

 by Anonymous on Buju Architects

We have been working with Andy Wilde over the past few months regarding a site we have been developing and have found him to be extremely professional. He has been easy to contact and helpful with regards to advice and ideas. His speed and turn round of work is excellent and the use of drones was of enormous benefit. He has been inspiring and encouraging and we look forward to working with him on other new developments that we have planned.

 by Anonymous on Buju Architects

A very personal project for the client as a potential retirement home. This house has been adapted for assisted living to be formed once the client has any difficulty moving around the building. A lift shaft has been added to the core of the building. There is level access points around the ground floor. Every door is adapted for wheelchair access for the client's potential needs.

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