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    Marine Square

    We are excited to have received planning approval for this new-build coastal home in Holyhead, North Wales. We were invited to develop a design for a newbuild home on a narrow site at the back of the clients’ property. Since the early stages, it became clear the project would benefit from pre-application discussions with the local council due to the constrained and complex nature of the site.

    At Buju Architects we understand the importance of following pre-app advice to create informed and considered designs, which will have significantly greater chances of planning approval. In this particular project, this feedback was incredibly valuable and allowed us to fully identify any constraints of the site, such as proximity and overlooking concerns. As architects, it is often that once the restrictions of a project are appreciated, we can fully visualise its potential.


    Since our initial discussions with the clients, their key aspiration was to maximise both living spaces and usable garden space. It was clear from our pre app feedback that the first-floor footprint would need to be reduced to mitigate proximity concerns. Through some careful spatial reasoning, we could actually fit two well-sized bedrooms adding value to the property.

    This ‘staggered’ form, with the smaller first floor, led us to develop a dynamic sculptural form with two mono-pitch roofs visible from the rear. The identified constraints also governed the positions of windows which are primarily to the front and back of the property. At the back, we have left a clear distance to neighbouring property boundaries to ensure their amenity and privacy.

    Working with a relatively small footprint, we looked to maximise all available internal space and importantly to take advantage of opportunities for built-in storage. The spaces are designed for quality so that all rooms are naturally-lit and ventilated with large bi-fold doors to the patio from the open plan living area. The building is also to be thermally efficient and well-insulated, with integrated low-carbon strategies. At Buju Architects we understand the importance of natural lighting, thermal comfort and ventilation for the health and wellbeing of residents, as well as for a sustainable future.

    Although the front of the property features a section of full height glazing, we looked to integrate conservative elements here, such as smaller windows, to promote the local character of the street. The street is predominantly ‘two-up two-down’ mid-century homes of white and grey render, which of course has informed our own two-tone palette. As a narrow blueprint and at only two storeys, the scale of the new-build is also very much in keeping with the street front.

    We really enjoy creating innovative and bespoke designs for our clients and look forward to making this home a reality. We’d be happy to help if you would like to discuss your own project!

    Download Case Study – Marine Square Holyhead