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    Andy Wilde

    Andy Wilde

    Founder & Director

    Andy Wilde is an award-winning architect and the visionary leader behind Buju Architects. With an impressive background in the architectural field, Andy brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the forefront of the practice. After studying at the prestigious Manchester School of Architecture, Andy's journey took him across multiple sectors and countries, shaping his comprehensive skill set before laying the foundation for Buju Architects in 2014.


    A Diverse Journey

    Andy's journey began in Altrincham, where he grew up and later pursued his studies at the Manchester School of Architecture. During his formative years, he gained valuable experience through a range of roles. This included contributing to a large commercial practice in Altrincham, working hands-on on a building site in North Wales, and even expanding his horizons by contributing to a prestigious architectural practice in Canada.


    A Passion for Sustainability and Innovation

    Fuelled by a passion for sustainability, technology, and innovation, Andy's approach to architecture is marked by a commitment to designing spaces that harmonise with the environment. His dedication is reflected in his distinction-earning dissertation on the Sustainable Design of New Homes, and his international award received in Washington DC during his final year of study.


    A Chartered Architect and Beyond

    Having nurtured his skills and knowledge over the years, Andy achieved the esteemed recognition of becoming a Chartered RIBA Architect from RIBA North West in 2012. Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, Andy set forth on a remarkable journey in 2014, establishing Buju Architects while also embarking on the adventure of starting a family.


    A Local Connection with a Global Outlook

    Andy's architectural journey has come full circle, from growing up in Altrincham to settling down in Stockport. This local connection has significantly influenced the work of Buju Architects, which has grown to be renowned for its exemplary Architectural Services across the North West and North Wales.


    Crafting Impactful Spaces

    Andy's mission is to craft spaces that resonate with innovation, sustainability, and functional excellence. With a clear vision for the practice, he is dedicated to assembling a team that shares his passion and values. Each project is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy, as Andy and the team at Buju Architects collaborate with clients to create spaces that inspire, uplift, and enrich lives.


    Join the Journey

    With a history grounded in rich experiences and a future set to bring even greater transformation, Andy is inviting you to join the journey of shaping a greener, more sustainable future through innovative architecture. Connect with Buju Architects today and let's discuss how we can transform your vision into reality.