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    New-build Homes Architects

    Balance | Empathy | Original Design

    It is an exciting journey to build a new home for yourself and your family. There is something very personal about building your own home because its design and architecture reflect your own personalities, interests and desires. 

    Most people never get to experience this feeling because they purchase used homes that were built by other people. But there is something special about building a home that caters to your specifications and then being the first one to inhabit that home. This is the opportunity and experience that we wish to create for you. 

    Imagine having a choice when it comes to the interior design, such as the flooring, finishes, fixtures and so on. We help make dreams come true by discussing and working with our clients every step of the way. That is part of our commitment to perform outstanding customer service and professionalism in the work that we do. 

    Our Home Architects can also help you renovate and extend areas of your existing property as well. As families get bigger and interests change, homeowners desire to have more space in their homes without actually having to move. That is where we come in because we can take your existing space and design an extension to the size that you require. 

    You will be kept in the loop throughout the process. Our range of services includes measured surveying, full design services, 3D visualizations, project management and contract administration. 

    Once the planning and technical design has been approved by all relevant stakeholders, we will proceed with the construction process. This will involve strict coordination between several different experts associated with the construction, including the builders, engineers, surveyors and subcontractors necessary for the job.

    Our architects can manage your new build or renovation project from start to finish with strict professionalism and coordination. We will keep you informed on our progress and allow you to sign off on certain decisions that are important and vital to the completion of the project. 

    If you’d like to know more information or request a free consultation, then please contact us at your earliest convenience.