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    New Homes, Benllech

    Planning Permission submitted for Benllech development

    We are very excited to announce that we’ve recently submitted a Planning Application for 18 new residential units within the popular coastal village of Benllech, North Wales.
    Comprising of 9 apartments and 9 houses, this development aims to transform a currently derelict site into a vibrant and social place to live and holiday.

    Currently situated on the site is a partially demolished hotel that has been abandoned for many years. Our aim is to retain as much of the hotel’s original character as possible while infusing a new contemporary style to the site.

    Designed for permanent residents, the refurbished hotel will comprise of 9 apartments. During the design process, we were keen to maximise natural daylight and take full advantage of the views of the surrounding landscape. To achieve this, we’ve created 3 predominately glazed gables; each with their own spacious balcony and stylish French doors.
    In addition to this, we designed the building with accessibility in mind; ensuring that the main entrance has level access and that there is a lift facility across all of the floors. The entrance hallway will also feature 3 large roof lights that will flood the atrium in daylight; creating a warm and welcoming space.

    To complement the hotel conversion, we also designed 3 new buildings to encompass the 9 new houses. Targeted at the holiday home purchaser, we designed these houses to be contemporary and interesting whilst remaining respectful to their surroundings.

    During the design process, we decided we really wanted to emphasise the main entrances of the houses, so we opted for a feature angled recess entrance with integrated canopies. Additionally, on the first floor, we wanted to maximise the natural light to the landing area by introducing a combined window and roof light which helps to modernise the design.
    The ridge and eaves heights were also considered during the design process to ensure that the new houses were lower than the existing hotel, making them less imposing and more sympathetic to their environment.
    Internally, we wanted to maximise the feeling of space by utilising vaulted living areas and also make the most of the stunning scenery with large sliding glass doors and angled balconies to optimise the views.


    In terms of the overall site, we wanted to ensure that it’s an enjoyable and welcoming space to be. To achieve this, we’ve chosen to use locally sourced natural materials where possible and that there is plenty of softer landscaped areas
    The happiness and wellbeing of the residents is also very important to us. We wanted to ensure that the site is accessible by introducing disabled parking spaces and that it’s safe to navigate by creating a clear delineation between the pathways and tarmacked areas.
    We’ve also introduced a cycle storage area to help to reduce the reliance on using cars for travelling while the introduction of electric vehicle charging points helps to futureproof the site and make it more sustainable.

    Everyone here at Buju Architects has thoroughly enjoyed working on this project thus far and are very excited to develop it further in the coming months.
    If you’ve got a project that you’d like us to look at then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!