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    New SEN & Autism School Designers

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    Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools are the types of schools that cater to children who have special needs and disabilities, especially cognitive issues and developmental disorders like autism. Children with these conditions require extra care and attention. These are things they cannot receive in a traditional school setting.

    Our SEN and autism school designers implement the very best architectural and engineering practices into the SEN and autism schools that we design. SEN classrooms are not designed like normal classrooms. Several considerations must be made for their design in order to accommodate the special needs of these students.

    The considerations that we make pertain to students who suffer from the following types of disabilities: 

    •     Social or Emotional Disorders – Children with social and emotional disorders tend to get anxious when they’re too close to people. We design our SEN classrooms to have lots of space and clear boundaries for students. This gives them the ability to move around freely and stay at a comfortable distance from other people. And if they need to calm down, there is a designated area for them to do that as well. 
    •     Learning Disabilities – Children with learning disabilities have trouble comprehending abstract thoughts and ideas. They require physical and sensory experiences to develop these areas of the brain. Our classrooms give them the room to make that happen. 
    •     Sensory Disorders – Children with sensory disorders are very sensitive to light and sound. We make sure our classrooms have the proper lighting and acoustic conditions to address their sensitivity issues. This might require designing in a way that avoids harsh light into the classrooms. Also it may involve making room for additional equipment and furniture to address those issues.
    •     Communication Issues – Children with communication issues have high levels of anxiety. They can also be distracted very easily if the environment is not structured properly. Again, extra designated space must be made available to calm students down whenever they suffer from high anxiety.

    Overall, our goal is to create a learning environment for autistic and special needs students where they can learn and function more coherently. Our SEN and autism school designers always consider the sensory, safety, sanitary, zoning, and accessibility needs of special needs students.