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    Permitted Development in the Greenbelt

    What Can I Build in the Greenbelt?

    We were recently asked by a client to review the various options available to them, under the rules of Permitted Development.

    The General Permitted Development Order or GPDO, allow householders to extend their homes in various ways, without the need to apply for a planning application.
    Our client’s intention was to know how much additional volume can be added to their home, through the application of these rules.

    Our first objective was to visit the property and take some measurements. We then used these measurements to model a basic conceptual mass of the building using 3D BIM software. We were then able to calculate an approximate volume for the property.

    Permitted Development Existing


    Our next step was to analyse the permitted development options available to us and identify which “classes” were most appropriate. We concluded that we can extend the property in four different ways, as listed below:

    • The enlargement of a dwellinghouse by means of a single-storey rear extension by no more than 8 metres (Class A).
    • The enlargement of a dwellinghouse by means of a single-storey side extension by no more than half of the width of the original dwellinghouse (Class A).
    • The enlargement of a dwellinghouse consisting of the construction of one additional storey on the principal part of the dwellinghouse, to a height no more than 3.5 metres (Class AA).
    • The construction of a porch outside the front entrance door of the dwellinghouse, no more than 3 square metres (Class D).

    Permitted Development Dimensions


    Through the combination of these four extensions, we were able to add an impressive 850 m³ of volume to the property, which is nearly double the volume of the original house.

    Throughout this process we were also regularly liaising with a Planning Consultant to ensure that our client was receiving the best possible advice.

    The strategy of the project was to determine the total volume of property allowed under Permitted Development to help justify a new-build/replacement dwelling to a similar size.

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