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    Roof-top Apartments, Broadstone Mill

    Planning is underway for the rooftop development of Broadstone Mill and re-purposing of the top floor. The proposal will introduce a number of new residential units to the existing roof of the mill, a total of 48 units (2, 3 and 4 person) over 2 floors. In addition to the residential units, roof gardens, both private and public, are to be introduced.

    Design Approach

    The overall layout of the units on the proposed levels are to reduce the impact that the proposal has on the overall elevations of the mill. The units have been recessed from the sides of the mill to not detract from the features of the mill. This also allows for a clearer separation between the old mill and the new proposal. We created a landscaped social space where residents could interact with each other, achieving our overall brief to introduce socialable housing to the mill.

    The scale of the proposal has been designed to maximise the space available, whilst respecting the scale and form of the existing building. The units have been designed to space standards for dwellings, meaning that the inhabitants will have the right amount of space to live in.

    Due to the proposal being at such a height above ground level, the landscaping of the proposal is within the communal roof garden spaces. The roof garden has been designed to encourage social interaction between the residents, whilst also allowing space for relaxation. The use of planters which incorporate seating allows the maximum use of space and cohesion between green space and usability. The overall design of the interior courtyard is fluid making it an attractive and inviting place to be, and thus allowing residents to make more use of the space.

    The materiality of the proposal is such that they will complement the existing materials used on the mill, to allow the proposal to blend in as much as possible with the existing building.

    Services Provided

    Buju Architects have thoroughly enjoyed providing architectural services from RIBA Stages 0 to 3. We are excited to be progressing this further and transforming an iconic structure in our home city!