We are a RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice based in Greater Manchester. We design architecture to inspire & enjoy, exploring original and innovative solutions to each project.

From residential to commercial projects, we provide the core design services required for your project.

Working across the UK and Internationally, we create personal and sustainable architecture, grounded in P.L.A.C.E. We explore innovative and original solutions, combining strong concepts, functional design and quality detailing to deliver progressive and sustainable legacies for our future.

Design Original

We are passionate about creating great architecture, about sharing knowledge and experience through the industry and about offering best value.


Our Values


[Definition] Bù jú: ‘arrangement, composition, layout’

Design which is carefully considered at each stage and scale; from laying-out floor plans and key spaces to the artistic composition of elevations.



‘Client-specific solutions.’

Original responses to individual needs; understanding and capturing the specific needs and requirements for each Client and project.



PLACE – We believe in quality, collaborative and intelligent design, grounded in P.L.A.C.E; Planning | Landscape | Architecture | Conservation | Engineering We seek to front-load design development and increase local public engagement.

FORM – We believe in simple and elegant forms which respond to the brief and context of a site. We seek to stretch the imagination of clients and deliver interesting, innovative and creative designs.

FUTURE – We create living architecture to build existing and future communities, to create better connections, to increase quality of life and make better places for people to live. We create architecture which is sustainable and looks great, using quality detailing to support longevity, laying the foundations for a low-carbon future, future heritage and legacy.

SCALE – We are focused on designing for the human scale, for human interpretation, interaction and experience.


Andy Wilde

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Andrew Wilde

Andy Wilde is an award-winning architect and the director of Buju Architects. Andy has a broad range of skills and experience, having worked across multiple sectors and countries before setting up Buju Architects in 2014.

With a clear vision for the practice, Andy is focused on developing a great team and changing the world one project at a time. Inspired by design and innovation, Andy is continually challenging the practice, staying at the forefront of design-thinking whilst working as an Associate Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture.

Chris Littlemore

Chris Littlemore

After graduating from the University of Bolton with a degree in Architectural Technology, Chris joined the Buju Architects team in 2017. Working alongside a group of Architects, Chris is able to explore his passion for creativity while helping to deliver technical drawings.

For Chris, Architectural Technology is the perfect combination of art, science and maths. It allows him to compliment design skills with technical know-how. Working at Buju Architects has given Chris the opportunity to use analytical thought process and problem-solving abilities to transform people’s dreams into reality.

Ayah Hatahet

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Ayah Hatahet Architect

A recent MArch graduate from the Leeds School of Architecture, Ayah has a deep interest in how the city connects us and is presented in different forms. She is a keen urban traveller to cities such as Chicago, Tokyo and Venice and believes the city is a reflection of our ever-changing identity and progressing it progresses us. When not in the office, she pursues her interest in art and the built environment through research and collaborative projects with her Alma mater. At the weekends Ayah works within her community, teaching young children literacy skills.

Prova Zaman 

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Prova Zaman

Prova has enjoyed completing Master of Architecture in Liverpool, and now in her free time enjoys delving into drawing, photography and travelling. Having lived in three continents, she believes architecture is more than design, it's about people. Architecture is dynamic and fluid. It's about taking an interest in people, in every aspect - whether that maybe knowing about current affairs or talking to strangers from a different background to yours. It's all enriching experiences that lead to a better understanding of people, and ultimately better design.

Mike Wilde

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Michael Wilde

Born in Manchester, schooled in Cheshire and trained in Liverpool, Mike is passionate about good design. Mike manages marketing initiates for Buju Architects and often gets involved in early stage design reviews. Studying Construction Management at University gave Mike applicable knowledge and skills within the construction industry.


Buju Architects offer full architectural services (RIBA Stages 0-7) tailored to the needs of each project and client.


With many years of experience, we excel in delivering luxury architecture to our clients across the UK.

Buju Architects help you see your dream. We take a dive into how you like to live and design your home around you.

We take the time to understand what’s important to you and design from there. Every project is different with the same fundamental principles.

See our Home projects here


We believe that design should be enabling rather than disabling and should maximise the person’s ability to engage with the environment. We design with the best aesthetics in mind for you whilst focusing on the function to achieve our goal of enhancing the quality of lives, transforming our homes to better support wellbeing.

Buju specialises in providing planning consultancy services to the care sector. We can advise Clients on a wide range of specialist care facilities, including:

  • Care homes
  • Care accommodation
  • Homes for individuals with special needs

See our Care projects here


Our understanding of the urban landscape gives us an awareness of possible future opportunities, meaning we curate designs that become integral to local communities.

All projects are modelled using the latest 3D BIM software, helping clients engage with the design process and for efficient collaboration and coordination with consultants. Using BIM and working closely with our clients allows for high-quality technical drawings, without complication.

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The Lookout Point - 6 House Development
"Following their brief Buju Architects produced three alternative schemes and once the preferred scheme had been chosen they very quickly produced several visualisation models which proved extremely helpful in view of the gradient and context of this development. Modelling at this early stage is often not provided and with a difficult site such as this can be vital in obtaining the correct interaction between buildings. The scheme has been worked up to the planning stage and we await a decision in due course. In the meantime, Buju Architects have worked closely with us to deliver a design which fits our requirements and we look forward to working with them on the next stages."     See the project case study here
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