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Social Housing for Young Families

Dromin Community House is a modular community housing block for young families; providing comfortable but basic accommodation with shared circulation.

Buju Architects
Floor Plan Architect

Design Approach.

We began with a desk-top study of the site; assessing orientation, access, aesthetics and local history, producing a site analysis to inform the design process.

We adopted the latest recognised space standards and furniture requirements, allowing us to design and replicate a functional and efficient layout for the apartments. A shared circulation core and passivhaus principals were integrated into the design process; managing the south-facing orientation for solar gain and solar PV. Highly-insulated walls and recycled-glass cladding wrap the building to create an appealing and sustainable design.

Commercial Architect Buju
Affordable Housing Architect

Services Provided.

RIBA Stages 0-2; including site analysis, concept designs and drawings.

‘Upon research into the area of Westhoughton it became apparent that due to supposed folklore the people of this area are known as ‘cowheads’. Our focus to maintain some local history within this new building lead to the abstract cladding design shown.’

Affordable Housing Architect
Affordable Housing Architect


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