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Urban Green Infrastructure

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Urban Green Infrastructure

Buju Architects attended Specifi Landscape Manchester.


The event included an entertaining presentation by international speaker Dusty Gedge on Urban Green Infrastructure.

Ideas from the presentation included:

  • Using vegetation and green walls to cool buildings.
  • Building bin stores with wild meadow roofs and habitat walls.
  • Introducing stewardship into building and urban design.
  • Vertical rain walls to reduce the flow of surface water into sewers.
  • Green verges and green streets in Portland which protect the local salmon by filtering surface water runoff.
  • Green traffic calming using sunken meadow verges.
  • Solar green roofs, where the green roof keeps the solar panels cooler and more efficient.
  • Designing cities for nature and the countryside for people.


In addition to the inspiring lecture there were some impressive products on display, including:

Beautiful street furniture by Artform Urban Furniture
Amazing porous paving by Sudscape

Office greenary Architecture
Urban Green Infrastructure


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