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    Urban Regeneration

    Urban Regeneration is a long-term proposition therefore it is important to consider a master plan to capture the benefits and opportunities by visualising a new development. Master plans can be flexible, and designs can be easily alternated, as roads and existing buildings are shown, making it easy to design around. The masterplan can provide a vision and overview, highlighting the benefits and opportunities that could be created in the new community.

    Urban Regeneration can create many social and economic opportunities with jobs, residential developments, and overall city income. In 2020, 5000 new homes were built in Manchester, along with 480,000 sq ft of retail space, creating thousands of new jobs. Around 1.2m sq ft of office space was created for the new community schemes across the city. These urban regeneration schemes have brought a 0.74% population increase within the last year. It was announced that 5 new government funded schools were to be built in Manchester, creating spaces for 4500 students and at least 100 full-time positions for each school, meeting the shortage of educational establishments in the city.

    Master Planning is a process based on how the land will be used in a new development. It focuses on the physical aspects of the design and shows how people will live, work and socialise. The plan can give scope whilst exploring the elements and functions that could potentially act as a catalyst or issues that could implement the process such as guidelines and regulations.

    With almost 60 new residential developments created in the last year, the 5000 new homes that were created and more than 30 new apartment developments, offered 10,000 new living spaces in the city centre. The Angel Gardens project helped to create 458 new apartments over 36 storeys. A third of the new homes are categorised as affordable as well as at least 258 homes being named as a ‘health hub’, designed for over 55’s. Affordable homes have had a huge impact on young and low-income families, allowing them to get on the property ladder quicker with lower salaries. Affordable homes have helped to decrease many forms of housing instability such as homelessness, overcrowding and poor-quality homes that can negatively effect health.

    The universal aim of urban regeneration is to benefit communities and create new opportunities for those living in it. Over the last year, urban regeneration has seen thousands of new opportunities for the residents of the communities created as well as thousands of new healthy, and safe homes for families and individuals in the city centre and surrounding areas. It is clear to see that when urban regeneration is combined with master planning, new possibilities within residential, retail, business and social developments can be designed.

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