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    What Does RIBA Mean

    RIBA refers to the Royal Institute of British Architects. It is a professional body that provides membership to those that promote excellence in the field of architecture. Only registered architects can join the body, however, it is not a requirement for members to be practising professionals.

    It is committed to the advancement of architectural practice and promotes better buildings, stronger communities and sustainability efforts. RIBA members come from a diverse array of countries and work with their respective governments to help improve the design and quality of buildings, homes, and communities.

    Code of Professional Conduct

    To become a RIBA architect, you need to abide by their Code of Professional Conduct. This code requires that before a member provides any professional service, all terms of appointment should be clearly stated, agreed upon and committed to in writing between the architect and the client. This also places the architect in compliance with the Architect’s Registration Board (ARB) Code of Conduct.

    The terms of appointment should address such issues as the services being offered, the client’s responsibilities, fees and expenses, liability and insurance, copyright licence, suspension or termination, and dispute resolution. This can all be found under the 12 golden Rules Document provided by RIBA, which provides more guidance on how members should prepare or check a form of appointment.

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    RIBA members are obligated to and receive support from RIBA in developing their architectural careers. CPDs help members to stay current on all matters architecture related, remaining competent, capable, resilient and professional as an architect. It also provides opportunities to learn new skills and branch into different specialities.

    This can be done from wherever the member is and whatever work they are engaging in. RIBA offers a variety of seminars and courses that members can access through their online CPD learning portal. There are also some free digital RIBA-assessed CPD that is provided by partners.

    RIBA chartered practice

    RIBA chartered practices are committed to delivering the highest quality professional services and adhering to ethical and best practice standards in the architectural sector. Practices that are recognised under this scheme can use the exclusive RIBA Chartered Practice logo to distinguish their business.

    These practices can win more work projects thanks to accessing RIBA’s support services that can better match them to prospective clients who visit their Find an Architect and Client Referrals platforms. Find an Architect receives over 60,000 visits from clients each month and has facilitated millions of pounds worth of project work. The scheme also provides networking opportunities for professionals, allowing them to connect with other members through social events, seminars, building tours, and more.