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    Work Experience Week

    Great work Megan!

    After finishing ‘A’ levels Megan has spent a week with Buju Architects to get a taste for a career in Architecture, getting stuck in with site surveys, meetings and CAD!

    I have recently spent a week undertaking work experience at Buju Architects after kindly being offered the opportunity. Andy and I first sat down and discussed what it was I wanted to achieve during the week, such as being introduced to the software they use in order to gain more knowledge and ability. I was also taken on a couple of site visits, both of a different nature, sat in on meetings and assisted in the design process of a current project. This has meant my week has been extremely valuable to me as I have had the opportunity to experience the many different aspects a career in architecture involves. I also found Buju Architects to have a very friendly and professional environment which made my week even more enjoyable, and so would just like to say a big thank you!